Jitterbuggin Sale Today and Tomorrow


This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Jitterbuggin’ is having a 25% off sale today and tomorrow (that’s July 3 and 4) to keep the inventory rolling so the fabulous Kimberly Cullins can do awesome things with the new fabrics she got in this week. A little birdie told me there are some awesome new prints, including two cat prints, which I am dying to see, so….we should all help Kim keep the ball rolling and pick up something from the Jitterbuggin store!

Use the code “Rolling Stone” to get the 25% discount. I’m definitely picking up one of her Belmont A-line 1940’s skirts.

2 thoughts on “Jitterbuggin Sale Today and Tomorrow

  1. Damn! I would loveloveloveLOVE to help Kim out (especially because I could use a blouse or two…), but of course she has the sale during a time of my unemployment, haha.

    Can’t wait to see the new things she brings in!

  2. Also, I am seriously jonesing for that asymmetric bodice Hawaiian sarong dress even though it wouldn’t slide over my hips. Oof!

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