Stacy Adams Shoes

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Yesterday morning, Lithuanian swing dancer Mindaugas Bikauskas reminded me about Stacy Adams shoes, as he posted on Facebook that he had just received two pairs (it IS so exciting to get a new pair of shoes). I remember a time when a brand new pair of Stacy Adams shoes was all that Dirk from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy wanted for Christmas…but I digress. 😉

‘Tis the season for giving and a lot of guys I know seem to perpetually need new dance shoes. Stacy Adams is great for providing both standard, classic colors and some non-traditional color options for shoes. If you’d like for people to notice your footwork amongst the sea of white cap toes, check out the line from Stacy Adams.

Here are some viable options from the Stacy Adams website:

Gah! These are gorgeous! Someone please buy them and ask me to dance. Also available in black/white combo.
The Madison, available in 7 colors
The Faith - classic cap toe in black patent leather
For those who have always wanted spats...available in four colors
The Dayton - a different take on the oxford, in four color combos
Festive red oxfords to go with your Santa suit. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Stacy Adams Shoes

  1. Chris has completely given up on any other brand of dress shoe, and wears Stacy Adams exclusively for dancing AND work. Keeps the rubber heels for his work shoes, and swap the rubber heels for leather for dance shoes. Stacy Adams last longer and have a more authentic period look than Aris Allens.

    Wish that spats style didn’t have the zipper! But that’s my complaint about all modern boots.

  2. I bought a couple pairs a few years ago and they never really worked out for me, sadly. (I was too excited and re-soled them in raw leather before I discovered that they were too narrow for me). If you can find a pair that works with your feet, go for it! I know several dancers who love them. Maybe I’ll try again in a few years.

    So yeah, if you’re a 8.5D and are in the market for 2 pairs (they grey pair, above, and a cream pair) of Stacy Adams (re-soled with raw leather), let me know.

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