Dig For Victory! on Etsy

Turquoise Linen Dress

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

When we buy vintage clothing we are supporting sustainable fashion, but there are other ways to be an eco conscious fashionista – in addition to vintage clothing, bolts fabric made in past eras to create clothing exist unused and potentially wasted, until someone like Dig For Victory scoops up these glorious bolts and gives them a new life.

From her Etsy page: “Dig For Victory! is a sustainable fashion label that creates limited edition and one-off pieces from vintage fabric. From elegant harlequin dresses and classic prom frocks to cartoon print playsuits, Dig For Victory! celebrates the history of fashion to be found in a wealth of vintage textiles.”

Celebration is an accurate description of her clothes, and I was immediately drawn to one of her dresses in an Etsy collection for its vibrant colors, and was delighted when I saw that her shop was full of joyfully colored garments.

The best part? You can get a vintage patterned garment made from vintage fabric like new for you. Sustainable and more durable! Here are some of my favorites from the Etsy store:

Pink and yellow silk taffeta halter dress
Green taffeta dress
Pinstripe linen dress
Floral cotton dress

4 thoughts on “Dig For Victory! on Etsy

  1. Did you know that we (Dig For Victory) are Lindy Hoppers?
    Soon as I get a chance I’m going to have a go at making mens trousers….for dancing! Got some lovely old material.

    1. I did not know this, but I’m happy that you posted here to let me know! Definitely keep me posted on the men’s trousers, I’ll gladly to another blog post on the topic.

      I added your turquoise linen dress to my Christmas list, I hope someone gets it for me. 🙂

  2. Ace! Where are you based?
    We’re in Brighton, England and dance with Sussex Swing & The Lindy Hunters.
    It’s a funny old catch 22…I would love to have time to make these trousers, got the designs, got the material…but having time would mean we had sold less dresses….aaahhhh!

    In any spare time we do have we make music, which is becoming more and more “swing”:


    1. I’m in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Glad to hear your dress business is going so well and that you’ve got time to make some swing music. Nice band name, as well…I suppose you bal?

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