Cover Your Bits

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Marilyn wears her dance pants!

I don’t like to use this blog for more outspoken opinions, but after seeing enough of this and blogging about options to no avail, I’d like to say something more explicit in hopes that something constructive may come of this.

For the record, at any dance event, I would prefer not to see any other follows’ hoo-ha, jiggly bits, cheeks, thong, sheer or lace underwear, or tanga. The last straw was at All Balboa Weekend this year when a follower in a competition wore minimal coverage undergarments that were visible when she turned. Someone commented that “She needed some Heinies” and several others agreed that, yes, it was distracting from her dancing to see so little there.

You can call me a prude, but I believe I speak for a number of follows (and maybe leads…maybe not) when I say that the allure of sharing your bits with the group is not there for us. Showing leg and some bloomer are great and I love twirly skirts, but there’s a line that is crossed and I believe a number of follows have no idea what this line is. It’s the line between your thigh and your bottom, and is carefully skirted by the opacity and size of your undergarments.

With hemlines on some modern dresses between mid-thigh and somewhere below the nether regions, it’s even more important to make sure things under your dresses are secure. I’m going to use amazing follower goddess Kara Fabina as an example – Kara wears shirts as dresses, garments that are so short that they were intended to be worn with pants underneath them. Kara does not wear pants with these dresses. I’ve marveled at how short she can wear them, yet I’ve never seen Kara’s hoo-ha. I approached Kara about this at All Balboa Weekend and her secret is that she wears a pair of tight fabric shorts underneath her shirt/dresses. The result is the opposite function of a slip – instead of adding flow, it secures and locks in both fabrics so that they do not move and her short shirt/dress stays in place.

There are many ways to go about this (My Heinies, granny panties, biker shorts, cheerleading bloomers, underwear that actually fits) but please, ladies, let’s keep things under your dresses secure and covered so you can show off your dancing as your asset.


5 thoughts on “Cover Your Bits

  1. I agree!! With much enthusiasm. I SO do not enjoy seeing jiggly bits (and I’m not talking about a woman’s thighs). I enjoy a follower’s dancing much less when showing skin I don’t want to see.

    Thanks for taking a stand!

  2. I also agree with you. As a guy, I like twirly skirts and seeing some leg, but there is indeed a line that a few women cross. There are a few women I see at some of the dances here who could stand to do some skirt checks. Honestly, it’s better for me to dance with them because then I don’t risk seeing anything.

  3. Sometimes it takes some troubleshooting to get the coverage right, though! lol. To my chagrin, I have mostly determined that no matter how much undergarments are cut like shorts- they will still ride up and show butt cheek. I have recently purchased some spandex-y running shorts that are NOT intended to be underwear, and they have been getting the job done.

  4. It’s also really important to keep in mind that while your skirt may cover you at eye level, often at competitions your audience is either seated below you in chairs or on the floor.

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