Lush Solid Shampoo: Minimize Your Liquids

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Store your shampoos in this nifty tin

As I was packing for Lindy Focus, I was thankful that I live close enough to the event to avoid air travel – I do have a tendency to over pack. I believe some event-goers have yet to make it here due to weather and road conditions from the snow in North Carolina. Flights are delayed or canceled, luggage is lost…it’s a big mess.

Aside from lost luggage and flight cancellations, one of my least favorite parts of air travel is the limitation on liquids. I refuse to check bags, so I’m stuck stuffing my tiny travel bottles of toiletries and cosmetics into an untrustworthy ziplock bag. A couple of years ago I came across Lush‘s solid shampoos and, after trying a few of them out, determined that they not only worked as well as my regular liquid shampoo and conditioner, but they were also the perfect way to eliminate additional liquids. Shampoo and conditioner in one bar means there are two less bottles in my ziplock bag, freeing up more space for necessary liquids. Take that, TSA!

I’ve tried a few, but Lush has come out with some more solid shampoos since I purchased mine and has also stopped carrying at least one type (namely, a certain solid shampoo I bought for my husband that makes his hair smell like he’s been in front of a charcoal grill all day or smoking a pork shoulder). Yes, they look like giant microbes, but bear with me – here’s what I’ve tried and what looks promising:

Godiva - my favorite, a jasmine scented shampoo and conditioner
Ultimate Shine
Stimulating Spice Shampoo - I bought this one for my husband and it smells cinnamon-y good
Irresistable Bliss - honeysuckle scented

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