One, two, button your shoe…

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Hazelwood Dress

You know you’ve looked at the Remix Vintage Shoes website too many times when you spot a cute ensemble and know exactly which pair of Remix shoes you’d pair with it. This time, I’ve spotted a dress that would look good with two styles – this brown and tan/gray “Hazelwood” dress from ModCloth may be vintage-inspired, but the clean lines on the dress also look very modern to me. This could also be the jump start for your Fall dance and/or work wardrobe, no?

However, without great accessories, this dress falls short of stellar. Two pairs of Remix Vintage Shoes came to mind: depending on how well the color blends, both the “Beverly” and the “Zurich” look like they would pair well with the Hazelwood dress. Now that I have this pairing together, I’m thinking maybe one of the brown on brown combos would look good as well…so many shoes, so little disposable income. 😉

Beverly Shoe
Zurich Shoe

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