The J. Peterman Company

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

By way of Lindy Dandy, today’s featured retailer is the J. Peterman Company. Although I can’t help thinking of Seinfeld when I see this name, the J. Peterman Company is anything but a parody, offering “high-quality men’s, women’s, home and one-of-a-kind merchandise,” “traveling the world to find uncommonly good stuff.” Sounds like a fantastic job, right? Where does Lindy Shopper sign up?

There are definitely a lot of items with a nod to vintage in the catalog, made to look even more so with the help of the catalog’s hand-drawn illustrations of the clothing (which, themselves, look like a nod to vintage pattern drawings in the way that they are shaded). I’m trying to decide if the hand-drawn illustrations of the clothes are helpful or not. Generally, clothes are modeled by someone who is tall and rail thin, so it’s hard to tell how it will fit in that instance as well. In any case, the clothes are beautifully sketched and it is a novel way to present them.

I am particularly in love with the 1947 plaid dress and the seersucker sailor pants for women and their men’s pants and striped shirts.

Picasso shirt
Seersucker Suit
Russian Navy Shirt
Linen Herringbone Pant
Italian Linen Suit
Cricket Jacket
Classic English Blazer
Wellworth 1940's Blazer
Owner's Hat
Italian Spectator Shoes
Short Sleeve 1947 Dress
Silk Crepe-de-Chine Dress

1940's Linen Dress
Embroidered Cummerbund Dress
Seersucker Sailor Pant

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