Joseph Abboud Dress Oxfords

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

As mentioned in my last post, I went to an outdoor wedding in June, with the oppressive North Carolina humidity and heat in full effect. A gentleman at the wedding, serving as both emcee for the wedding, friend of the family, and fashion inspiration for all of the aspiring Southern gentlemen present, was wearing a tan seersucker suit, a glorious coral dress shirt, a candy colored necktie, a coral pocket square, and a most amazing pair of tan linen and brown leather shoes that perfectly complimented the ensemble. It was great to see a variation on the traditional white bucks. The gentleman said the shoes were Joseph Abboud for Florsheim (if I remember correctly), purchased a few years ago. I almost asked if I could photograph his outfit, but decided that would be too creepy, under the circumstances.

I searched for these shoes online, wanting to find these stylish shoes that looked like they would be great for dancing, but came up empty handed. I’ve had searches running for these shoes on eBay and nothing close to these shoes has come up. I will continue my mission for these shoes, but in the interim…

…eBay searches have yielded another Joseph Abboud linen and leather combo, pictured here. They are more casual than the other pair I’m looking for, but perhaps more functional for dancers who aren’t the seersucker suit wearing types?

They just aren’t as great as the ones worn by the Southern gent. *sigh* I will keep looking.

One thought on “Joseph Abboud Dress Oxfords

  1. These look like a slightly sharper take on saddle shoes. I’m still not a big fan of saddle shoes, but these I could do.

    I’ve seen some really neat spectator shoes (and bags” with linen and leather).

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