Knit Lapel Flowers by JandHP

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

There aren’t too many accessories quite as dapper and dandy as a flower in your lapel buttonhole (a.k.a. boutonnières).  Most guys will never wear them more than a couple times in their lives.

Granted, most guys are not into flowers and probably would not bother buying/wearing something that won’t last more than 24 hours (though you should try).  If you’d like a pop of color that will last, try a knit lapel flower.

There are several places to find them, but today I’ll direct you to JandHP, a second-hand clothing procurer.  (I’m not a huge fan of the jacket they’re using as a backdrop, but it shows off the flowers well enough).

Green & yellow Lapel Flower $8.95
Green & yellow Lapel Flower $8.95
Pink Seersucker $8.95
Pink Seersucker $8.95
Green & Pink Lapel Flower $8.95
Green & Pink Lapel Flower $8.95

Several of their lapel flowers are sold out at the moment, but they’re sure to have more in stock in the future.

The “trick” to wearing boutonnières is to wear them with confidence.  In casual venues, it might also help to hold back on other accessories, lest you look too busy with a tie, pocket square and flower.

Or you could try channeling Cary Grant.

For more on wearing boutonnières, read this excellent Art of Manliness article.

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