1930’s/40’s Party Dress

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I am smitten with this red and black party dress posted by Violetville Vintage on eBay. The tucks on the bodice, the short puffed sleeves, the swing skirt, the matching belt, and the shiny applique detail on the bodice and skirt make this dress look perfect for just about any swing dance. It’s fancy, but not TOO fancy, and has just the right amount of detail to make it special.

The dress is pinned to the model, so keep that in mind when you are looking at fit and be sure to note that the garment’s actual measurements are larger than the model.

(Small soapbox) I have hesitated in the past to post about Violetville Vintage because the auctions are all Buy It Now and the base price for their 1930’s and 1940’s starts at $150 and goes way up from there. Admittedly, the dress I posted here is pricey. I do think that they have some beautiful items, but they are not any more remarkable than other eBay stores and auctions I have seen for vintage items. I also notice that many of their items are relisted over and over because no one is buying them (I assume because of the price). Of these items that are relisted, there are several I would purchase if the listing price went down. Surely the cost of relisting these items adds up – wouldn’t it be easier to just list them at a lower price in the first place and let people bid for the items to determine their value? *sigh* I love your clothes, Violetville, but not that much. (Steps off soapbox)

To end on a higher note, Violetville has an extensive inventory and tons of items from more recent decades at very reasonable prices. I would encourage you to peruse their eBay inventory, because it is rather remarkable.

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