Lumina Clothing: Ties and Bow Ties

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

My apologies for the hiatus (though you might not have realized I was gone since LS does such a great job.  Steady bandwidth is hard to come by on deployment!)  Ok, on to something really exciting (to me, at least).

As has been discussed before, the trick to dressing seasonally is all about wearing seasonally appropriate appropriate fabrics.  Is the thought of wearing a seersucker or madras jacket too intimidating? If so, you can always start with something small, like a bow tie.  Check these out!

Bubblegum Bow Tie, $39
Kaleidoscope Bow Tie, $39
Last Call Bow Tie, $39
Aquatic Life Tie, $59
Carolina Sky Tie, $59

Gingham, seersucker, madras… the gang’s all here.

All of this lovely neckwear comes from Lumina Clothing, based in Raleigh, N.C.  According to their twitter: “Lumina Clothing is a custom tie and bow tie company out of Raleigh, NC. Our products mesh the classic style of the south with the Ivy League style of the 1960s.”  Style of the south plus Ivy League style? I like!

And even cooler: “Our name, Lumina, comes from an old dance pavilion once located on Wrightsville Beach, NC. Opening in 1905, at the time it was the premier social venue in the South, hosting many of the biggest names in entertainment.”

I’ve only posted a couple of their ties and neckties, but they have a very cool collection of fabrics from which to choose.  A huge bonus is that you can get the ties and bow ties at different widths.  Skinny neckties are “in” at the moment, but general idea is to match the width of your jacket’s lapels. (So skinny lapels means skinny ties, etc.) It’s all about balance and proportion (and personal taste).  Prices are reasonable with bow ties for $39 and ties for $59.

I plan to pick up a couple bow ties and ties here, but am pretty sad that I won’t be able to wear them this season.  I’ll be interested to see what they produce for Fall/Winter.

Lumina Clothing:

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