Tie Clip Tuesday: The Beginning

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

After writing my first post on tie clips and out of habit, I’ve continued to search for tie clips (because it’s fun to look).  There are so many that I must share some of my finds.  Therefore, I’m starting this series: Tie Clip Tuesday.  I’ll usually try to post good deals, but I’ll experiment with themes, some pricey items (because it’s fun too look) and other ideas I’ve got floating around.


I love it when seller's post a "lot" of items. It's a great chance to pick up a number of things at a very good price. You can always gift the ones you don't want.
I'm not normally into brass or gold clips, but this is just beautiful.
I like the detail here. Who says guys can't wear flowers?
3 Stubby Silver Tie Clips. This would be a perfect way to start a tie clip collection.

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