If You Wear White Shoes, This Post is for You

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

Many guys (myself included) like to dance in white Aris Allen captoes (or other white shoes).  Why?  They look sharp  and they highlight your fancy footwork.  (I love my Aris Allens to death; they’re my “go to” on most floors.  Mine have gotten a bit beat up, but I think they’re full of character).

The detail that’s often forgotten, though, is to match those white shoes with a white belt.  You should always coordinate your belt with your shoes, especially if you’re wearing dressier clothes (i.e. slacks or other odd trousers).

In fact, you should strive to coordinate all of your [ugh, I dislike the way this word sounds] accessories.  All leather should match or coordinate.  The same goes for anything metal (watch, rings, belt buckle, cufflinks, tie clips, grill, etc); either silver or gold.  Don’t let it drive you crazy; similar colors will suffice.

White dress belts can be hard to come by, but here are a couple choices:

(remember: your belt size is one size (+2) up from your pant size)

Plain Jane
Crocodile style
Something different
Fun buckle
Casual woven

4 thoughts on “If You Wear White Shoes, This Post is for You

  1. I wholeheartedly disagree that all of your leathers or metals should match. Those are bygone days, my friend. Mix it up! brown and white looks fab together, and who is to say that silvery metal can not be friends with brass? Also, for a sweet pair of dancin’ shoes – white or otherwise, try the Madison by Stacy Adams! Higher quality than Aris Allens, and will last way way way longer. Not to mention ten tons of style. (I’m personally loving that green pair on the last page!)


    1. My goal is to help guys look their best and in general, I think those “rules” will serve the majority of guys very well. At the very least, they bring attention to details that some men might not normally think about. The act of dressing then becomes a conscious, thoughtful effort.

      When it comes to style, personal judgment is the key to individuality. As such, rules can (and should) be broken at will, but you must first know what those rules are before you can break them thoughtfully. (I break the matching shoes/belt “rule” all the time when I’m wearing jeans).

      Madisons are a great recommendation, thanks. (You’re in great company; Dax recommended them to me as well). I’ve got a couple pairs, but I still find myself coming back to my Aris Allens, which have lasted 2 years. My Madison’s are a bit on the stiff and narrow side, so I plan to get them stretched. (I have a weakness for green shoes, but those are a bit too turquoise for me).

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