The Secret to Summer Suiting

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

If you’re convinced that wearing a suit to a dance is a hot, stuffy affair, then you’ll have a hard time believing that you can wear a suit in the summer, but it can be done.  How?

It’s a matter of fabric.  If you wear a typical 3-season weight (Fall/Winter/Spring) wool suit, you will melt.  Chances are it’s a dark suit, which makes it extra hot and not appropriate for the season anyway.  What you want is a lighter weight, breathable fabric like cotton or linen.

White linen: think more Tom Wolfe, less Don Johnson (unless that’s your thing, then go for it!).

Tom Wolfe: good. Don Johnson: not as good.

Cotton Seersucker: Can look a bit dandy (works for me!), so dress it down, stick to one seersucker item (jacket/vest/pants) per ensemble, or try an alternate seersucker color, like gray.
Khaki Linen: The most approachable option. The jacket or pants can each easily be used separately. Perfect together for a summer wedding.
Madras: Very preppy, very summer, and another option (as a jacket, NOT as a suit).
Besides the fabric of your jacket or suit, it’s lining will also make a difference to your perception of the temperature.  Jackets can be fully lined, partially lined, or unlined.  Unlined jackets are unstructured and often are made of cotton. (They’re also packable, which make them great for travel).
No matter how breathable and lightweight your clothes, you will sweat.  Count on it.  Take a break, cool off, dance by a fan, take off your jacket if it gets overwhelming, and for goodness sake, change if you’re drenched (you did bring extra shirts, right?).  The follows will appreciate it.   (If you don’t, they’ll tell their friends not to dance with you).
As Barney from How I Met Your Mother might say, “Summer suit up!”

2 thoughts on “The Secret to Summer Suiting

  1. Oh man, I can’t even IMAGINE a whole suit of madras! I would probably die laughing.

    Thanks for all these suggestions! I love it when the guys dress up, and even more when they know what they’re doing. A linen suit can be so gorgeous!

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