Classic and Classy Shoes for Dudes

This post was written by Lindy Dandy.

Most of these have leather soles (and you could get a cobbler to resole the others), but I say they’d serve you better getting to and from the dance.  These auctions are all currently less than $15 (except for the black captoes, with some starting as low as $1).

Nothing says summer quite like white Bucks with red brick soles. Size 11.
These are an interesting take on captoes. The weaving makes them less formal. My friend, Bradley, has a similar vintage pair he dances in. Size 13.
Brown Double Monk Strap Shoes. Classic. Size 11B. (I wish these were in my size)
I'm not usually into saddle shoes, but these are a nice variation. Size 10B.
Brooks Brothers Black Captoe Brogues. Size 9B.

Happy hunting!

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