Gentlemen, start your engines…

Yes, I know I have neglected the gentlemen on my blog thus far, but I was waiting for a superior item to post and here it is. Check out this 1930’s navy blue pin-stripe three piece suit for sale on eBay – the suit even makes the scruffy male model in the pictures look sharp!

Note that the suit is custom tailored and “the pants and jacket both have plenty of room to be let out,” in case this suit is almost your size.


One thought on “Gentlemen, start your engines…

  1. Wow, beautiful find! Too bad it’s not my size.

    Just a note to gents unfamiliar with buying suits. The suit may have “plenty of room to be let out,” but if the suit does not fit you at the shoulders, it will not fit you. Period.

    A tailor can adjust sleeves (if there aren’t functional buttonholes/surgeon cuffs) and let out/take in the waist, but would basically need to re-make the jacket to change the shoulders.

    Happy hunting, Lindy Shoppers!

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