Shopping challenge

Is there something for your dance wardrobe that you’ve been wanting or looking for that you can’t find? I love a good shopping challenge and will go to great lengths to locate this item for you. Post a comment with your challenge and I may take it on and blog about it!

8 thoughts on “Shopping challenge

  1. Well, since you offered, there are a couple things on my personal wishlist I’d love to get (with increasing degrees of difficulty):

    1. A fine boater – I’m technically a 7 1/8 but sometimes 7 1/4 has worked better. (I can remeasure this weekend).
    2. A classy silk smoking jacket – I’m a 38R and I trust your judgment.
    3. A midnight blue tuxedo – 38R / 32 waist

    Good luck!

  2. You know I’ve been looking for a rain jacket-the kind that’s reversible, navy and green with little whales.

    In a size-little. 🙂

  3. Dear Madame LS,

    Your eBay prowess far outmeasures mine. Could I take advantage of yours to locate some/one/all of the following items?

    1.) A pair of pepper green/palm green Remix Balboas in size 9, hopefully for cheap (they’re not on the site anymore 😦 )

    2.) A killer diller red dress with a little something special, a nipped-in waist, not sleeveless, preferrably no exposed zippers, also preferrably cheap. I’m thinking something 40’s-ish, probably with a peplum and a straight or a-line skirt (no wiggle skirts or actual pencil skirts for me, my booty just won’t comply!). Maybe even a sweetheart neckline? Measurements along the lines of 38-32-40, or thereabouts.

    1. The pepper/palms are gone! OMG…thank God I got a pair last year, I might have died to not own the supreme pair of green t-straps. My mission is clear! I will also talk to Remix at ABW and bemoan their loss.

      #2 is a tall order, but I suppose I’d like clarification on price point – are we talking under $100? I could find this dress in vintage in black on eBay, but for red you’ll probably have to have it made. I may have someone who could tackle making this for you, but it would probably cost between $80-$100.

      1. Ooh, I’d love #2 in black, too, although I’m specifically looking for a killer red dress. $100 is on the high end of the scale for me, ideally I’d be able to find something not more than $60. I guess for something made, $80-$100 would make sense, though.

        As far as the Balboas go, there are always the green Anitas, they’re pretty enough. But the pepper/palm Balboas have been the Remixes I’ve been dying for FOREVER! It might be something about how much I love t-straps.

      2. Fun updates:

        I still haven’t bought the red dress, but I may be looking for a black one, instead. This particular item has moved a bit lower on the priority list. It’s also fun to see exactly how much I underestimated my hip measurements…ridiculous! 38-31-43/44 is more like it!

        Also, Remix brought back the pepper/palm Balboas! All hail Remix!

      3. I’ll keep my eyes open for a black one with a peplum, which should be much easier to find.

        I am pining for a pair of the silver Balboas – hail Remix, indeed!

  4. I’m looking for the tux Indiana Jones wore in the beginning of Temple of Doom. White 1930s jacket (40L), 15 1/5 neck 34/35 sleeve shirt, pants 34/32. The real challenge is for the jacket more than the shirt and pants.

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