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Fancy legwear has definitely been a trend in the Lindy Hop community for the past few years and it makes sense – we are paying a lot of attention to movement and embellishing that is one way to get someone to look at your legs. I was contacted by the UK legwear retailer, Tightsplease, about reviewing their site and product and I am happy to report that all is well in the UK for quality hosiery.

I tried a pair of the Tightsplease brand’s Jive Stockings, which proved to be highly durable. I didn’t dance in them, but I did brave a Christmas party with a shooting contest, a parade, hot glue gun crafts, small children, and runway walking on a gravel driveway. They’ve made it through the wash on the delicate cycle and are ready to go again. This is saying a lot for these hose because I am the destroyer of all panty hose that are not, essentially, medical grade support hose. I destroyed a different pair last night on the first wear by simply attending a concert and sitting in a chair for 2 hours. Riddle me that.


I was very excited to see that they carry what they are calling Charleston stockings, which look like the silk stockings of old, but probably aren’t silk, based on the price tag. I am hopeful for the latter because silk stockings tend to get droopy around the ankles mid-way through the night and I’d love for modern technology to have improved on that, but maintain that same rich, silky look. Ella wasn’t kidding when she sang about silk shiny stockings – they are really shiny!

The website also lists the denier for most of the hosiery, which I find extremely helpful as the hosiery Godzilla. If there’s two pairs that look the same, you can be sure I’ll go for the one with the higher denier number.

Here are some of my favorites from this lovely site:

Side bow suspender tights - sassy without the garter belt
Side bow suspender tights – sassy without the garter belt
Chicago tights - more shiny stuff!
Chicago tights – more shiny stuff!
Freakin' gorgeous hold ups with peacock feather detail
Freakin’ gorgeous hold ups with peacock feather detail
80 denier tights in 7 colors - hoping 80 denier means Godzilla-proof...
80 denier tights in 7 colors – hoping 80 denier means Godzilla-proof…
Dogstooth tights
Dogstooth tights

Sock Dreams

Socks are a critical part of every swing dancer’s wardrobe, regardless of gender. I stumbled upon this fantastic website devoted to socks, called Sock Dreams. I was specifically looking for striped socks for men, but I was delighted to see that this site does not differentiate its sock genders:

“What is it that makes a sock specifically a man’s sock? We’ve long wondered this and avoided the label for years, but here it is, our “Men’s socks” section. These are socks that our suppliers label as “Men’s” plus some others that fit the niche…”

It’s a free-for-all!

Socks for men and women – take your pick from their wide selection of excellent socks. Here are a few of my favorites:

A classic chevron sock that comes in an array of conservative and not-so-conservative colors.
Fairisle socks, multiple colors to choose from.
Stripes! More colors!
Circuit boards...certainly not in the vintage style, but I know enough techie Lindy Hoppers that this was a necessary post. They are also in classic two-tone.
Sock garters. These always make me think of old cartoons...
Argyle socks are the hotness! More colors on the website.
More argyle hotness!
Floral lace trouser socks, more colors on website.
Dotted diamond tights.
Zurich texture tights.