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This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

With this summer’s record-breaking temperatures, it becomes even more necessary to either take cover or create your own cover at outdoor events. In between dances, I like to hide under my inexpensive, Asian-inspired parasol, which does more for keeping you cool and protecting you from the sun than you would think. It’s no substitute for a good sunscreen or an AC unit, but it does create shade and adds instant beauty to your mise-en-scène, without breaking the bank. Here are some lovely parasols to keep you made in the shade this summer:

Dragon and Phoenix paper parasol on eBay

Blue and white parasol on eBay

Pink, silver, and gold star parasol on Etsy

Purple Battenburg lace parasol on eBay - comes in many other solid colors, as well as solid with white panels

Japanese paper parasol on eBay

Flower shaped cherry blossom parasol from AsianIdeas.com

Red spiral paper parasol from AsianIdeas.com

Elephant parade parasol from AsianIdeas.com

Peacock parasol from AsianIdeas.com