Shock and Awe: Trashy Diva’s Holiday Dress Collection

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Sadie dress with bow appliques

I decided this blog post’s title was appropriate after I checked the Trashy Diva website yesterday to see if anything new was available. As I clicked through to the main page my jaw dropped as I saw the most awesome collection of holiday dresses this season, in vibrant pink, teal, and purple with sequins and beading. My awe quickly turned to shock as I noticed the prices on these dresses. Trashy Diva has always been in the upper register of prices I feel comfortable posting on Lindy Shopper, but these dresses have surpassed the comfort level. I’ve been torn as to whether or not to write about this. On one hand I love Trashy Diva, Candice Gwinn has impeccable taste in patterns and fabrics, and I want to support retailers who provide dancers with durable reproduction clothing. On the other hand, the price. I decided to let your wallets decide and show you the goods. If anything, these dresses should be admired.

The holiday collection includes a number of beautiful dresses with sleeves, which is a rare thing to find in any designer’s collection. The Sadie dress, a staple of prior collections, has been morphed into a gorgeous confection of drapery and sparkle, two giving a nod to what could be considered and what I would affectionately call big band singer dresses or Golden Girls dresses, and another with Art Deco beading around the neckline. Other favorites, the 40’s dress and the Obi dress, are reinvented in the gorgeous, vibrant colors of this collection. All the dresses in the collection are made from heavy weight silk crepe de chine – if you are not familiar, it is quite possibly the most luxurious fabric I have ever touched and drapes like a dream.

Here’s what I’ll add to my closet when I win the lottery:

Sadie dress with Art Deco beading
1940's dress in glorious pink
The Rosalind dress is two tone awesomeness - with sleeves!