Swing Dance Shoes on eBay

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Yes, I own a lot of shoes, but I rarely pay full price for them. Why? I am patient and if I wait long enough, eBay will deliver what I need at a reasonable price. If you buy cheaper shoes, you can buy more of them, theoretically, or have more money leftover to pay for all these amazing swing dance events coming up in the next few months. Lindy Focus, anyone? ๐Ÿ˜‰

There were too many new auctions popping up for Remix and Aris Allen dance shoes, so I’m lumping them all together in this post. Here’s hoping they are in your size…

Aris Allen 1930's Oxford, size 9.5
Aris Allen 1930's Camel Velvet Oxford, size 9.5
Aris Allen Black Rugcutter Wedge, Size 7.5
Remix Piazza in green, size 9
Remix Open Toe Spectator in Brown, size 6.5-7, $0.99 starting price
Remix Greta Wedge in Green, size 6.5-7
Remix Open Toe Spectator Wedge in brown, size 8

Mod Cloth Sale

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Well…everyone is having a sale today, but I’ve been particularly smitten with Mod Cloth‘s recent offerings, especially their holiday dresses. That’s one of the beautiful things about swing dancing, is that there’s always a dance party to attend, with a little sparkle added during the holidays.

Mod Cloth also has some great gift ideas for guys and gals – I found some great things to stash under my Christmas tree for friends and family.

Here are some goodies to make your Black Friday bright and cheerful:

Classic Beauty Dress
City of Lights Dress
Dream a Little Gleam Dress
Blumengarten Dress
Peppermint Pansies Dress
Cocoa Cozy Dress
Proscenium Dress
Under the Dark Sky Dress
Oberek Romper
All Aboard Heels - actually a pair of divine Remix shoes, on sale for $100, size 9.5 - last pair!

Remix News Flash

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

If you’re on the Remix Vintage Shoes email list, this probably isn’t news because you saw this in your inbox this morning – but for the rest of the world, Remix has introduced some new styles and a new color in an existing style. Three danceable pairs for the ladies and a new pair of oxfords for the gents. Excited! Here’s the lineup:


BOARDWALK – Sporty ladies oxford style lace-up in two tone combinations of Grey/Black, Brown/Cafe and Brown/Sand. Smart perforated details make this new style a stand-out! All leather construction with a polished stacked leather heel. Whole and half sizes 5.5 to 11. 1 7/8″ heel height.” This shoe is double hot in the black and gray combo…*drools*


STRIDER – Smart vintage “replica” oxford in “croco” embossed leather with grosgraine trim detail. Picture yourself striding down the lane in this 1940’s “peep toe” lace-up with it’s rich, polished stacked leather heel. Comes in Cognac or Olive color embossed “croco” with all leather uppers and leather soles.
1 7/8 inch heel. Sizes 5.5 to 11.” These shoes look classy and efficient and, as the email points out, the green almost has a military look.


CASSANDRE, now available in a two tone black combination. A 1920’s – ’30’s style with faux buttons and slip on construction. Also comes in navy or ivory.” This shoe has been in Remix’s catalog for a while, but the addition of the two tone black (with gray?) is a welcome one. I have these in the navy combo and love them…maybe Santa will bring me a pair of the black ones for Christmas. I’ve been really good this year, right?

Cap Toe Oxford

CAP TOE OXFORD. A style that originated in the 1920’s and still remains a men’s classic, the Re-mix CAP TOE comes in white Nubuck with black leather trim, white Nubuck with brown leather trim and all white Nubuck. All have a polished leather sole and all leather construction. Sizes 7 1/2 to 13. Good for the “Avenue” and great for the dance floor!” Gentlemen, this is a good looking shoe. Feel free to invest in looking spectacular.

Now I have something to spend my Christmas money on after Christmas…as if that was ever a problem. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do love the new additions to the Remix shoe collection and can’t wait to see them on the dance floor. If you acquire any of these shoes, feel free to post a review of them in the comments section.

Silver Shoes Go With Everything

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Well, maybe not everything, but silver/pewter shoes certainly go with almost everything. They are neutral without being boring – a little bit shiny and exciting. A pair of Remix pleated toe wedges in silver showed up on eBay this week in a size 10.5/11. The Buy It Now is about half the retail price of this shoe, but the seller is open to offers. It definitely never hurts to make an offer.

I’m not seeing any silver wedges on the Remix website – limited edition color? Sample? I’d really love a pair of these in my size, can Remix make more of these in silver (hint, hint)? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Remix Myrna

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

A pair of Remix “Myrna” shoes has popped up on eBay this week, size 6.5, in that doesn’t go with anything so it will go with everything kind of color of yellow and taupe piping. This pair has never been worn – thus, the starting price is a bit higher at $80.00, with a Buy It Now of $130.00, but it’s still cheaper than retail!

Incidentally, my childhood ballet teacher’s name was Miss Myrna. I can’t see these shoes without thinking of her. ๐Ÿ™‚

Remix Balboa

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

A pair of my favorite shoes, green two tone Remix Balboa shoes, have made an appearance on eBay in a size 6, new without box. With a $19.99 starting price, this could be a steal!

If you are on the fence about the color, I’ll add that I hesitated for a long time to get these shoes, even though green is my favorite color, because I wasn’t certain they would go with anything in my closet; however, once I finally stopped admiring them from afar and got them near my closet, I discovered that they go with a surprising number of garments in various shades and amounts of green. The low heel and flexible sole on these shoes are Balboa and Lindy friendly.

Lucky Number 9

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

If you wear a size 9 ladies shoe, then the Remix Vintage shoe fairy has come to visit! Available this week on eBay are the Bloomsbury in blueberry, the Piazza in teal, a pair of tooled leather heels, and the Dara in red. While the Dara shoe has a rubber sole and it is not great for dancing, it is a most comfortable and adorable street shoe – it’s also the deal of the day at a $29.99 starting price.

Tooled Leather

Shoes, glorious shoes!

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I know the blog has been heavy with shoes from eBay as of late, but I can’t resist posting all these Remix Shoes and Aris Allens. For the price of a new pair of shoes, I could have two or three pairs (and given the price of Remix shoes, three or four pairs) for the price of one. Here’s this week’s lot of goodies (I’m showing the Remix photo instead of the seller’s photo so you can see more of the detail on the shoes):

Remix Mary Jane wedge in red, size 9 - starting price $19.99!
Remix Greta wedge in dark green, size 6
Remix Picasso wedge in black, size 10
Remix Gloria wedge in black and white, size 8 or 7