Charlie Stone – Swing Dance Shoes

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


I can thank Raleigh dancer Tiffany Linquist for the tip about Charlie Stone Shoes, which is presently a placeholder “coming soon” website, but the corresponding Facebook page for this business indicates that this is a swing dance shoe company – “Swing dance shoes designed for comfort, support and good old fashioned style. Online store coming soon!” Further inspection of the Facebook page shows a single style of footwear – a flat t-strap shoe with cutouts/overlays at the toe, in either black or red/cream. A new dance shoe company for swing dancing that makes flats is very promising news, indeed!

Via Tumblr, I find that the company is is based in Australia and Singapore and run by a dancer named Samantha Szetu, who also has an adorable blog called Style and Swingouts. Charlie Stone is set to launch in September/October 2014, with the signature t-strap style – check out the specs on this sweet dance shoe:

– Free shipping worldwide (what what!)
– Handmade with 100% quality leather
– Hidden heel elevation
– Wide bottom sole for maximum traction
– Soft leather bottom sole
– Supportive insole

One of the most common shoe questions I get is where to find dance flats that are dressier than Keds – I think Samantha had a similar issue, based on this statement from the FB page: “I love lindy hop and adore fashion, but often the two don’t get along, particularly when the songs are fast and the night is long. So I decided to make a shoe that worked for me, so whatever the floor type, my fashion choice, song speed or time of night, I would always feel confident and comfortable.”

Check out this video of some of the Singapore dancers giving the shoes a test-run (or test-swingouts!). Looking forward to the launch! If you’ve already tried a pair of these kicks, please leave us a review in the comments section. 🙂


Red Snakeskin Re-mix?

red piazza

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

What the what? This must be the week of double takes and question marks, because some Re-mix shoes I’ve never seen in my life popped up on eBay – red snakeskin Piazza style shoes. What blows my mind even more is that they used to be coral and the owner dyed them red – not a tragedy, but that they existed is just…how did I miss these???

$49.99 starting bid…presently jealous of anyone with a size 8.5 foot…would buy these in a hot minute!

Aris Allen Red Velvet Oxfords – $5.99 on eBay

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


Another pair of dance shoes priced to move! Aris Allen Red Velvet Oxfords, size 7.5, starting bid $5.99. The shipping is a little steep at $18.35 *ahem* for Expedited mail, but perhaps you could convince the seller to ship at a lower/slower rate. I just sent Lindy Dandy a box of goodies to Kabul and it didn’t cost half that…anyway, bid away and don’t forget to message the seller about the shipping and perhaps some more details about the condition of the shoes.

It’s Not a Trumpet Skirt, But…

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

In the middle of my Trumpet Skirt Crusade I stopped by the Shabby Apple website to check out their new collection called “The Block.” Lots of bright, cheerful colors in this collection of dresses, tops, and skirts, including this wonderful pleated skirt that flares out at the bottom, creating a bit of that that trumpet skirt shape. Available in blue (Cityscape Skirt), red (Streetcar Skirt), and yellow (Taxicab Skirt).

Red-y For Anything Dress at ModCloth

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

One of my shopping challenges this year was issued by NashPhilly dancer/instructor/DJ/blogger, Breanna Perry, to find her a vintage red dress with a peplum. This is a fairly tall order, given that most of the vintage dresses I come across with a peplum are black, not a color. I found one older dress (was it ’80’s does ’40’s?) dress that fit the bill on eBay, but the auction was lost in the end.

There have been a few modern dresses with peplums popping up on ModCloth, but today’s dress really fits the bill. The Red-y For Anything Dress looks like a fabulous contender, with a lovely rounded neckline, nipped waistband, cheerful peplum, and a clean-lined pencil skirt. This dress is super hot! My only complaint is that, in the item description, ModCloth refers to the peplum as a “dainty ruffle” – in my opinion, there’s nothing dainty about something that changes the entire silhouette of the dress; let’s call it what it is.

Breanna, do we have a winner?

Bows and Bars

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Independence Day Weekend, which is a great time to sport some colorful and patriotic vintage for picnics, cookouts, and outdoor festivals. This red and white 1940’s dress, with bow applique detail and stripes above the hemline, would be perfect for this weekend – if this dress were in my size, I’d be sporting it on the 4th to something outdoor and festive, with a wide brimmed straw hat. So adorable!

Red and Green for Spring

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I am in love with two dresses on eBay this week, made in vastly different sizes, but both equals in adorable-ness and wearable-ness – both are cotton and look sturdy enough to withstand the dance floor. I am itching for spring – these dresses would be perfect for an upcoming dance in warmer weather!

The first dress is a late 1930’s/early 1940’s cotton dress in a green and white print, with lovely puff sleeves, carved buttons, and this fantastic smocking/stitching detail on the shoulder. The bust/waist/hip measurement on this dress is 48/38/52. It is missing the belt, but it looks like there’s enough fabric in the hem to fashion one, or add a green or white ribbon to finish the outfit.

The next dress is another recurring theme in my wardrobe, candy stripes, this time in seersucker cotton in this lovely 1930’s dress. Within this dress there are three stripe directions – horizontal on the buttons and neckline, vertical on the torso, and chevron stripes on the skirt. The slit pockets are perpendicular to the chevron stripes. The bust/waist/hip on this is 34/26/35. The puff sleeves, a bow sash, and giant buttons – how cute is this?!

Someone please buy these dresses!

Remix Size 9: Arrive and Dance

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

A couple of pre-owned Remix shoes popped up on eBay at a good price. First, a solid wedge, the Open Toe Spectator in black on black, with only two bids and current bidding at $41.00. Second, my absolute favorite pair of arrival sandals (due to their supreme comfort for after the dance), the Dara, in a smashing shade of red, with the bidding at $31.00.

Either technology or eBay is being uncooperative today, so the only photo I can share with you is of a pair of new red Dara shoes from the Remix website…but you should still check out the auctions if you are a size 9!

Remix’s Valentine

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I apologize for the lack of original content this week, as I’m in the throes of bronchitis, but I will muster up enough energy to pass along news of Remix Vintage Shoes’ “Valentines Sweetheart Deal,” which is a pretty sweet deal – a new color of Remix’s Piazza shoe, Valentine red, at a low-for-Remix price of $138.00. I have the Piazza shoe in tan and it is a versatile and comfortable shoe. Love the new color – who doesn’t need another pair of red heels? 😉

Buy This Dress

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I ordered a dress from an online retailer and when it arrived it just didn’t fit well. Every once in a while I’ll order a dress that looks great in the photograph, but, upon arrival, was clearly made for someone 6 inches taller than me with long stems. I followed the directions to file for a return/exchange on the website, but discovered that my dress did not qualify for either a return or an exchange. I was baffled – not even an exchange? This was a first and I was certainly not warned of this consequence at checkout. What do you do with a dress you can’t return or exchange and doesn’t fit?

There’s always eBay, but I thought I’d offer it here first. I paid $70 for it, so I’d like to recoup that, but I’ll pay for the shipping. It’s a size large, which will fit 36-39 inch bust, 28-32 inch waist, and 40-43 inch hip. The dress is made by Bettie Page Clothing and it is adorable – I’ve seen it in green on both Shana Worel and Naomi Uyama and it looks like a dream. If you are interested or have any questions about the dress, please email me at

Holiday Dance Dress

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

There’s something about this red 1940’s dress, listed on eBay by seller redwineandfriends, that says it’s ripe for the holidays. Obviously the color is festive, but there are other details that make this dress extra-special and holiday dance-worthy, like the pleating on the bodice, the bow on the front of the dress, the little white buttons down the front, the wonderful goring of the skirt, and, on top of the goring, the back of the skirt has an inset for additional swishy-ness. As the seller says in the auction, “Holiday perfect – fur muff and ice skates optional!”

Mod Cloth: Ilsa Dress

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

There is so much about this red Stop Staring! dress to love. It’s fire engine red and form fitting, definitely a head-turner; but it’s also ladylike and tailored, with ruched sleeves, bodice detail, a modest hemline and a little flower “corsage” to decorate the shoulder. This dress would be an asset to any dancer’s wardrobe – click on over to Mod Cloth’s website to pick one up. I’m debating this one myself…

Red Mary Jane Flats

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, which featured pairs of Mary Jane flats in a rainbow of colors, I am posting another pair of Mary Jane flats, only this pair is vintage. Etsy seller kittyvonpurr has posted a lovely pair of red 1940’s/1950’s flats, size 11. The seller says it best: “Topstitched in black, rounded toecap, asymetrical front opening, double adjustable strap, faille piped collar and a short chunky heel. A DARLING pair of vintage shoes…super cute, in a rare size and red!” Darling, indeed.

Red Gingham 1940’s Dress

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Another adorable gingham dress, for your viewing pleasure, this time in red gingham. This 1940’s rayon crepe dress has layered sleeves and a peplum with fabric on the bias. Peplum and gingham on the same dress! Fortunately, that horrible black flower pin is not included with the dress…as we learned from Project Runway this week, styling is half the battle.