Hey Sailor! on Etsy

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Burgundy cloche

There’s something about 1920’s cloches that is simply not replicated when you pick up a cloche at Urban Outfitters, or even Anthropologie. The level of detail is missing, the clever layering, buttons, ribbon, and trim; what you are left with is a basic hat. Sometimes I want more than just a basic hat. I want something that makes a statement without being overt or tacky.

I’ve been pining over Etsy seller Hey Sailor!‘s cloches for a few months, unable to decide which one I really want because they are a bit pricey and I could probably only afford one…but man, are they gorgeous! It’s like that pair of shoes you had to have, but have nothing to wear with them, so you build an outfit around them.

Hey Sailor! also has some interesting and amazing hats that may work well for your Halloween costume or even inspire your costume. This is the only place I know of that you can get a tricorn with a schooner on it for your Marie Antoinette costume.

You are also in luck because the store is running a sale through October 4, with everything 30% off!

Here are my favorites:

Navy cloche with brown felt feather
Cream and coral cloche
Tilt topper hat
Sequin mouseketeer? YES!