Remix Du Jour

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Newly spotted: a listing on eBay for Remix’s “Avenue” shoe in olive green and dark brown, size 9. There are two bids already, but the price is still low at $32.00.

Also spotted, but not for the dance floor, a pair of Remix “Gilda” platform wedges in bronze, size 7, new in box!


Peplum dress

I’ve been on a peplum kick lately and this dress has a rockin’ print and a nice peplum. I also really like some of the other items this seller, fabgabs, has on Etsy. Check out their “Gilda” dress to the right of the peplum dress – WOWZA, both in appearance and damage to your wallet. Regardles, this dress needs to be in my closet and I am waiting for the lottery to recognize my existence.