Re-Mix Deco Heels on eBay

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

A deal! Not a super steal, but if Re-Mix’s Deco heel has been on your wishlist and you wear a size 9, you are in luck – there’s a pair in black/brown combo, new in box, on eBay for $100 starting bid. These shoes retail for $194, so this is a great price, almost 50% off! Happy bidding…


Dance Shoe Deals of the Week

Re-mix Deco

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

There are a few really good deals on eBay right now for Re-mix Vintage Shoes and Aris Allen dance shoes. For starters, there is a pair of worn-once Remix Deco shoes in the gray suede/black leather combo, size 9, with a starting bid of $10.00. These shoes retail at $194.00, so $10.00 just seems crazy. My guess is that the bidding will go higher than this, but any Remix shoe to be had under $50.00 is a major win.

Re-Mix pleated toe wedge

The next Remix deal isn’t as good, comparatively, but it’s still a pretty awesome deal – $89.99 starting bid for a pair of silver pleated toe wedges, size 11. I love Re-Mix wedges and silver seems to go with everything. 🙂

Finally, the best deal of the week as a pair of lovely Aris Allen white satin 1930’s heels, size 10, with a starting price of $0.99. That’s right, 99 cents! The shipping is more than the cost of the item, but even then, it still puts you in a pair of dance shoes for less than $15. Winning!

Aris Allen white satin 1930's heels

Remix Deco Heels

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

It’s been a while since I posted any Remix shoes from eBay, so in light of recent online debates about heels v. flats, I’ll post some heels in support of my pro-choice stance. 😉 Here, we have a pair of used Remix Deco heels, in brown and a sort of olive green, size 8.5, but the seller says they feel more like an 8. This shoe retails for $194, so with the starting price at $65, it’s worth a bid if you’ve had your eye on this lovely shoe.

Anna Sui Deco Tree dress

Is there something about this dress, upon closer inspection…is that…is that a peplum? I believe it is. Anna Sui’s Deco Tree dress sports a retro print and a serious peplum that originates in the front in two pieces and continues to the back, cascading all the way to the hem. At $186, on sale at that, it’s out of the price range I like to post, but I couldn’t resist showing a modern peplum dress on the blog. My guess is the Forever 21 knockoff isn’t far behind…