Bettie Page Clothing

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

It is unclear to me whether or not the real Bettie Page endorses this website or does anything other than inspire the fashion, but, intellectual property issues aside, the Bettie Page Clothing website is full of vintage inspired clothing of the Bettie era. The site offers two lines of clothing – the original Bettie Page line, with 1950’s reproductions and inspired fashions, or the Violated line, which offers “edgier, more contemporary dresses.” Either way, the results are adorable and a little spunky, kind of like Miss Page herself.

Here are some of my picks from the site:

Embroidery, buttons, cinched waist, and pockets!
50's dress with skulls - this makes me smile
Adorable sailor playsuit
Blouse with bow print
You know I love gingham
Red jumper

Secretary pencil dress

This dress is super foxy
Ahoy! This dress comes in pencil and full skirt