Spanish Fans

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

We are certainly in the throes of summer heat. Attending a dance, even in an air conditioned facility, can sometimes be oppressive if the AC can’t keep up with the heat coming from bodies inside and the temperature outside. It’s always handy to have a fan in your dance bag or shoe bag for just such an occasion.

The best fans I’ve seen are carried by Richard and Katherine Springs, who have gorgeous Spanish wooden fans that are glossy, beautiful, and seem to project the maximum amount of air with each wave. I had the pleasure of using one of these fans on a particularly unbearable day in June at an outdoor wedding and I’m definitely sold on this particular model of fan. Richard and Katherine picked up their fans in Spain, but eBay may come to the rescue! I found a few fans that look like the Spanish fans and are labeled as such. I’m hoping that when my fan arrives from eBay it has the same desired effect…I’ve posted the two offerings the eBay seller I found, AsiaEmporium, which also lists other Spanish fans, but these were the closest to Richard and Katherine’s: