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Trashy Diva Hepburn Jumpsuit & Nautical Dresses!



This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

ARE YOU SEEING THIS?!? Trashy Diva has out-Trashy Diva’d themselves and come out with a jumpsuit (perhaps, even, beach pajamas?) in gorious navy rayon. This isn’t a gown, these are some awesome, wide leg, flowy pants! Pants with all the utility of a dress – just one piece and, voila! Your outfit is complete.

This is part of a nautical collection they have been inching out onto their website over the past couple of days, so there may be more additions after this post. I’m going to post everything here because it should be seen. Adorable!

Sailor dress with giant pockets!

Sailor dress with giant pockets!

Anchor dress...this one is calling my name...

Anchor dress…this one is calling my name…


1930’s Men’s Suits on eBay

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Usually the vintage suits come one or two at a time on eBay, but here’s a few more than the usual, including three white linen suits!

1930's White Linen Suit, Palm Beach Label

1930's Belted Back White Linen Suit

1930's/1940's Herringbone Stripe Suit

1930's White Linen Suit

Just for kicks - Anchor Swimsuit