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Late last month, Lindy Shopper issued a challenge: Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll try to find it.

I was the first to respond, greedily making three requests, the most difficult item being a “midnight blue tuxedo – 38R / 32 waist.” It was a bit of a reach, but hey, she offered.

A couple weeks later, LS sent me a link to this beautiful tuxedo. It wasn’t midnight blue, but it didn’t matter, it was better than I had hoped: vintage, wide, satin peak lapels, button-fly trousers with brace buttons, and an beautiful vest. I was sold.

The auction somehow flew under the radar; there were only 3 bids and I got the tux for a song. Shoot, it was less than a song. Less than I would ever be able to buy a tuxedo off the rack and certainly much less than i’d expect to spend at a vintage clothing store. Behold the power of eBay (and the search prowess of LS).

The lining in the jacket needs a little love from a tailor, but it’ll be ready for a night of dancing the at Lindy Focus New Year’s Eve dance. I’ll send a picture of me wearing it as soon possible. I can’t wait!

Now all I need are a wing collared, french cuffed shirt, formal braces, and a satin self-tie bow-tie… hmm.

I’m so happy to be the first success story.

Thank you, Lindy Shopper!
-Lindy Dandy

“And remember, I’m not only a Lindy Shopper poster, but I’m also a client!”

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