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Vecona Vintage Lookbook

I'll take a sidecar, yes, please.

I’ll take a sidecar, yes, please.

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I wrote about Vecona Vintage about a year ago and it seems that they have been as busy as ever, not only making lovely vintage reproduction and inspired garments for men and women, but also putting their looks together in a gorgeous, not-to-be-missed lookbook, titled “Rasant & Kurvenreich.” It’s eye candy of the best sort, so sit back, get a nice warm cup of tea, and enjoy the beautiful clothing, models, vintage vehicles, and scenery.

Zutiste – Bow Ties and Pocket Squares

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

We are in the throes of fall and OcTieBer and I thought it apropos to share the lovely wool bow ties and pocket squares of Zutiste, thanks to a tip from dancer Daragh Regan, who tweeted at me the other day about their wares. Hand-made in Paris from English wool, this collection represents some stellar staples in neutral colors that you can add to just about any ensemble.


Re-Mix Website Re-Do

All cap-toes are on sale for $134.40!

All cap-toes are on sale for $134.40!

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

For all of us who, through perseverance, REALLY wanted to order a pair of Re-mix Vintage Shoes and sacrificed the convenience of online shopping carts or being able to easily find the shoes we saw at that event or the sale section and had to phone in our order/questions, the wait is over – Re-mix heard your feedback and has upgraded their website to be user-friendly and well-designed. Also, dudes, there are some great shoes on sale right now! Check it out!


In case you had any doubts about my trip to New Orleans…


Jazz Age Lawn Party Vendors 2014

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Squat Charleston FTW!

Squat Charleston FTW!

This year’s Jazz Age Lawn Party in August was one of my favorites for several reasons – 1) I have the routine down for this event in terms of logistics and getting around NYC, 2) I know a lot of the regular attendees after attending for several years and some new friends made an appearance at the lawn party, making for a very lovely social event, and 3) I freakin’ won the Charleston contest! Always a favorite are the vendors who set up their wares on Governor’s Island – this year, the lawn party vendors really outdid themselves. There were old favorites, as well as some new vendors – here we go!

2014-08-17 11.17.43

I was excited to see a booth for Gretchen Fenston, Milliner, because Gretchen is one of the stars of the Jazz Age Lawn Party – as long as I’ve been attending the lawn party, Gretchen has taught the beginner Charleston and Peabody lessons with Roddy Caravella and, aside from that, she herself is a main attraction of style, elegance, and superbly coordinated and whimsically crafted millinery. Seriously, her hats are just impeccable, matching her ensemble with period aplomb and her own take on the Art Deco era. Her booth had several hats and headpieces for sale, along with a lookbook of her designs. *drool* If you are interested in a custom piece, I hear she takes orders…

2014-08-17 11.24.51

Just down the line the Goorin Bros. had their impeccable line of hats, for ladies and gents, set up, with even more lids for sale. I have always been impressed with their hats and friends who own said hats speak highly of this company. They had a fantastic selection of summer hats, perfect for the lawn party, from straw fedoras to linen caps to summer cloches. Goorin Bros. has a great retail website, so if you missed the lawn party you can always place your order online!

2014-08-17 11.27.25

Next up was Wildfell Hall Vintage, which had an exquisite collection of Art Deco era clothing and accessories, and some other choice vintage pieces. My partner in lawn party crime, Raleigh dancer Elizabeth Tietgen found an amazing purple floral early 30’s dress that had already been restored, seam by seam, and new snaps put in the side with reinforcement. It looked incredible and she’ll save at least what she paid for the dress having it repaired or reinforced – what a find! I saw at least 3 things I couldn’t live without, but were not in my size…*sigh* Gorgeous, gorgeous things.

2014-08-17 11.28.56

One difficult thing to come by for the lawn party are vintage sunglasses, because you can’t always dance with your parasol and maybe your cloche brim just isn’t deep enough – Belle Pagaille came to the rescue with some of the most kick-ass sunglasses I have ever seen, all with a vintage bent, though some of them verged on ultra-modern, or even steam punk. The company designs the glasses themselves, which I thought was great, so you are getting these lenses from the design source, not a reseller.

Needless to say, excellent shades were acquired by both myself and Elizabeth. :)

2014-08-17 11.32.05

Outfitter of Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra, the Prohibition Clothing Company is certainly a staple of the lawn party, offering some of the best looking reproduction menswear I have seen. I was particularly excited this year because they have launched their women’s line of clothing, which includes a trumpet skirt with killer seaming and a pair of tweed knickers that were whispering to me to bring them home. The tailoring on everything was killing me, just impeccable. After seeing this display, I’m ready for OcTieBer!

2014-08-17 11.35.23

Next to the general admission tent is, perhaps, the largest lawn party vendor, Dora Marra, which had so many blooming and feathered headpieces in every imaginable color and configuration it was almost overwhelming. This was definitely the go-to place for a bit of whimsy to stick on your head to augment your lawn party outfit. They were simply swamped, so I didn’t get a really good look at everything, but thankfully they have an Etsy store where you can take your time and browse the vast collection.

2014-08-17 11.39.57

Noble Savage Vintage had another lovely display and some real Art Deco era garments that were selling like hot cakes. I glanced at some black 1920’s Mary Janes and a lovely bejeweled Art Deco pin, but then my eyes met a pair of woven mesh 1930’s heels and it was all over. “What size are these?” “7.” MY SIZE. I tried not to hyperventilate while I tried them on, but I held it together for the most part and squee’d a little bit during the check out. As you can tell, Noble Savage was my favorite of the day, LOL.

Check out more of the lawn party vendor goodies below! Ciao!

A page out of Gretchen's look book and a lovely hand mirror.

A page out of Gretchen’s look book and a lovely hand mirror.

A lovely flapper headpieces on sale at Gretchen Fenston's booth.

A lovely flapper headpieces on sale at Gretchen Fenston’s booth.

Looking into the Goorin Bros. booth

Looking into the Goorin Bros. booth

Goorin Bros. cloches

Goorin Bros. cloches

Goorin Bros. caps

Goorin Bros. caps

Elizabeth holds up a gorgeous specimen

Elizabeth holds up a gorgeous specimen at Wildfell Hall Vintage

THE purple dress

THE purple dress

A lovely array of accessories at Wildfelll Hall Vintage

A lovely array of accessories at Wildfelll Hall Vintage

Elizabeth's sweet shades from Belle Pagaille

Elizabeth’s sweet shades from Belle Pagaille

A selection of the Belle Pagaille offerings

A selection of the Belle Pagaille offerings

Hers and his, at the Prohibition Clothing Company

Hers and his, at the Prohibition Clothing Company

Ladies' knickers, ready to wear!

Ladies’ knickers, ready to wear!

If you've ever wanted to put a bird's nest on your head....don't lie!  At Dora Marra

If you’ve ever wanted to put a bird’s nest on your head….don’t lie!

Flapper basics at Dora Marra

Flapper basics at Dora Marra

Elizabeth shows off a cute 30's cotton dress from Noble Savage Vintage

Elizabeth shows off a cute 30’s cotton dress from Noble Savage Vintage

More floral loveliness at Noble Savage Vintage

More floral loveliness at Noble Savage Vintage

Leopard or Pumpkins?

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

This dress is silly – I saw it in the listing and swore it was an anomaly of a girly 30’s or 40’s dress with some kind of crazy green leopard print, but it’s actually PUMPKINS. What a great juxtaposition, with the demure inset around the neck and that visual trickery rayon print – someone sassy needs this dress! 48/36/51 are the measurements, starting bid $9.99!


LNDY HP JZZ Tee/Tank Pre-order/Kickstarter

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


Seattle swing dancer and graphic designer Marcie McCabe is running a Kickstarter to take pre-orders for her tee shirt and racer tank design, featuring variations on two words that come up daily in my vocabulary: Lindy Hop and Jazz.

From the campaign: “My name is Marcie McCabe and I have danced the Lindy Hop for a number of years. In the past, I have designed a couple of rad T-shirts that had nothing to do with a particular dance event or dance club because I felt that Lindy Hop as a culture stood strong on its own and that a Lindy theme shirt would be appreciated by the dance community at large. So that being said, here I go again! Help me print this Lindy Hop Jazz t-shirt. “

This is truly a pre-order Kickstarter – you back her at $25 and you get a tee or a tank, no crazy $1,000 prize where you get to have dinner with her, just tees and tanks. Get your orders in soon!


French Quarter Festival

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


I’m in good hands down here in New Orleans! One of the best views is from the front door of our rental – those signs across the street say Trashy Diva! A post, for sure, when I get home. :)

I have so many things to tell you…

…and no time to write them! Soon, everyone, soon! I will make this happen!

Our Dancing Daughters

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Lana - two tone shirtdress 40's awesomeness

Lana – two tone shirtdress 40’s awesomeness

I am probably way late to the game on this one (given that the copyright on the website is 1999), but somehow my internet searching has finally lead me to Our Dancing Daughters, a lovely little website selling custom reproduction clothing for women from the swing era. The information about Kayre Morrison, the proprietor, was pretty sparse on the website, but a quick Facebook search revealed that we have 71 mutual friends, so this is definitely a dancer making dance-friendly reproductions. I love her drawings of the designs and I also love that in the fabric selection she includes a description of how the fabric will feel and move, making that decision a bit less daunting.

Here’s what I’m loving from Our Dancing Daughters:

Gloria - I love a keyhole and a peplum!

Gloria – I love a keyhole and a peplum!

Hello, Louise...

Hello, Louise…

This one pretty much screams my name.

This one pretty much screams my name.

The Lena dress has some saucy ruching.

The Lena dress has some saucy ruching.

Floweruary 2013

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Oh, Billie, thy gardenias are plentiful!

Oh, Billie, thy gardenias are plentiful!

It’s that time of year again, where the ladies and gents of the swing world don lovely blooms in the midst of winter in celebration of Floweruary. This the third annual Floweruary and I am looking forward to seeing more creative wearing o’ the blooms, as the OcTieBer participants had some particularly creative uses of neckwear for 2012, raising the bar for sartorial challenges.

What is Floweruary? A sartorial challenge for the month of February, whereby you wear a flower (real or artificial) somewhere on your person every day for the entire month. Hair flowers made up the initial blooms, but since then people have come up with other creative ways to incorporate flowers into their ensembles.

So how can you celebrate Floweruary with others this year? There are several options:

1) The initial Tumblr group, established by the Philly dancers, is still going strong – check it out and participate by uploading photographs of you wearing your daily blooms at

2) For the past couple of years, this event has been initiated by a Facebook invite, but it looks like a local Facebook group is a presence this year. The group is sponsored by the Cookeville Swing Society in Cookeville, Tennessee, whose organizers have decided to donate $0.10 to a charity every time one of the Cookeville dancers (or anyone who has ever danced in Cookeville) posts a photo of themselves participating in the Floweruary challenge and tags local dancer Kyla Anderson. In addition, the proceeds of all sales of flowers and clips at CSS events will go to charity. Last year Cookeville raised money for The Lindy Hopper’s Fund of America and this year’s charity is the Kickstarter campaign for BLIP: Bringing Swing to Panama City and the Disabled.

3) Set up an Etsy Treasury of your favorite handmade blooms.

4) Check out Jo Hoffberg’s A Month of Hair – a hairstyle a day, coinciding with Floweruary 2011.

5) Can’t afford more flowers? Make your own with help from Jesse Hanus’ blog post Hair Flower Tutorials, with advice and links to tutorials on how to make your own flowers for Floweruary.

In a new turn of events, it looks like Floweruary has some haters, but there’s nothing redeeming about a blog that serves the purpose of relaying apathy and negativity. Clearly, we all have better things to do.

Floweruary is a celebration of joy, beauty, and charity, and we’ll keep that in mind all month long. Happy Floweruary! Let the blooming commence!

Remix Sale! More Things!

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

It’s been a while since I posted some Re-Mix love, so here’s a promo for their most recent sale, featuring the It Girl, the Greta wedge, and all colors of the gorgeous Emily shoe! If you aren’t on the Re-Mix emailing list, I’d highly recommend it for just such occasions. Now, which color of the Emily to get…


Remix Deco in Multiple Sizes on eBay

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Someone is selling their inventory of Remix Vintage Shoes Deco model of shoe on eBay, multiple colors, multiple sizes – is it too good to be true? The price is about $50 less than you’d pay regularly (once you factor in shipping) and every little bit helps. I’ve messaged the seller to see how we choose the color or know what colors in the sizes listed are in stock, but haven’t heard back from her – will post an update here when I do!

New Layout for Lindy Shopper

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

It was time to grow a bit, take on some more responsibility, and find a theme that was more compatible and adaptable.  Unsleepable, you’ve been a great theme for Lindy Shopper, but we are going to try Coraline for a bit.  Readers, I hope you find the new layout as clean and efficient as the old one.

If you have any ideas for my header (or prefer that the site not have one), I’m all ears…

Lawn Party-Inspired

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I am still mourning the fact that my schedule will not allow me to attend either Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island this summer. In honor of the June JALP this past weekend, here is a selection of 1920’s items inspired by the event on eBay:

A light, breezy dress for a hot summer day

Yellow floral 1920’s dress with a touch of blue

Black satin Mary Janes with cutouts on the straps

Sheer and floral is always a winner!

Abel & Son Inc. straw boater hat

Freakin’ awesome cloche

Navy and white straw cloche

Blue and pink cloche

I wouldn’t mind having a pair of these adorable t-straps!

To be one of the bathing beauties you’ll need something in wool…

Deadstock white linen knickers? Yespls!