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New Shoes from Charlie Stone

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


Peta by Charlie Stone.

Since the launch of their not-quite-flat-not-quite-heeled wedge over a year ago, I’ve seen Charlie Stone’s signature t-strap pop up at dances in the U.S., with solid reviews and a supply of dancers looking for that shoe that’s dressier than Keds, but still as comfortable as their flats.  For their second collection, they polled Facebook for feedback and votes on the new shoe designs (I love a Facebook poll) and the results are not only in, they are ready to launch two new shoes, the Peta and the Marisa.  The Marisa is a white ankle strap shoe with adorable cutouts, while the Peta is closer in design to their sigature shoe, with some modifications to design and a two-tone color scheme.  They are offering a presale with 10% off starting this Sunday, February 14, 2016, here are the details from their Facebook page: “From 14.02.16 to 29.02.16, use the discount code PRESALE at checkout to get 10% off Peta or Marisa.” Enjoy!


Marisa by Charlie Stone.

Star Wars Dresses and Cardigans on Zulily

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

On the heels of Hot Topic’s Marvel vintage-inspired clothing comes Star Wars dresses and cardigans, obviously inspired by the 1950’s with a dash of Bernie Dexter. Have the marketing wizards finally figured out that vintage culture and nerd culture have crossovers?  It appears so, here we go – and because they are on Zulily, at 1/3 off the price. 100% polyester means machine washable, for those of us concerned about sweat and dry-cleaning.



Star Wars Hoth Dress


Star Wars Cloud City Dress


Star Wars X-Wing Cardigan


Star Wars Commander Cardigan


Re-mix Special Editions at Trashy Diva

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Remix-Anita Heel-Bright Yellow-$203_thumb

Re-mix Anita in yellow

I love coming across colors of Re-mix Vintage Shoes that I don’t see on their website – one of the great things about Re-mix is that they’ve been around for a long time, so there are always discontinued styles and colors, though they are stellar about keeping certain styles and colors for a long time. I’ve noticed that they have done some special colors for Trashy Diva that are not available on the Re-mix website, leading me to believe that they are colors made just for Trashy Diva (correct me if I’m wrong, of course). It all makes sense, of course – where is the incentive to buy from TD if you can get the same pair from Re-mix directly? I also like to think that TD knows their clientele well and has input on the colors. Let’s dig in:

Remix-Cloche Heel-Blk Patent-Blk Suede-$216_thumb

Re-mix Cloche in black/black – it looks like these might also be available at Revival Retro.

Re-Mix-Cloche Heel-Fern_Yellow-$216_thumb

Re-mix Cloche in fern and yellow

Remix-Emily Heel-Mustard-$225_thumb

Re-mix Emily in mustard – also available in black and white in the “new” Emily ankle strap (as opposed to the t-strap)


Re-mix Garnet heel in silver


Re-mix Janet in silver


Re-mix Janet in gold – different from the gold on the Re-mix website, which is more muted and accented with pewter

Remix-Lillie Pumps-Red_Ivory-$203_thumb

Re-mix Lillie in red, also available in garnet (a deeper red/burgundy)

Remix-Zena 2 Wedge-Citron Combo-$189_thumbnail

Finally, there is this mysterious Re-mix Zena wedge that appears to not be a style offered on the Re-mix website at all – TD exclusive?

Women’s Swing Dance Shoes Hunt – The Facebook Group We Deserve

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


Because you shouldn’t just hear it from me, the more input the merrier!

I often hear people talking at dances about dance shoes or writing questions on social media about dance shoes – this is our special gear, everyone it concerned about what we put on our feet.  What if there was a place we could go and ask about shoes, how they fit, find some new recommendations, maybe sell a pair or buy some used, and what if I told you this group already exists for women and is, I feel, under-utilized?  The Women’s Swing Dance Shoes Hunt! group of Facebook is where it’s at – with only 522 members, I feel that we might be missing out on a few ladies, so click on the link and request to join this hub of information.

Gents, feel free to start your own group, I know there is a great need for this discussion!

Lindy Focus 2015 Vendors

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.


Get your LF merch on day 1 or they will sell out on day 2!

In many ways I am still recovering from Lindy Focus 2015, the swing village that camps out at the Crowne Plaza in Asheville, with all manner of dancing and services that pop up to cater to a population that would prefer not to leave the hotel, lest they miss too much dancing, live music, performances, and classes.  To help with our self-containment of joy, 2015 saw service providers such as massage therapists, shoe repair, tailors, the Jack and Jill Salon for hair cuts and styles, a caricature artist in the lobby, and two hotel room pop-up restaurants (Midnight Di-Noshery and Taco Focus) to serve food after the main dance that were, after two nights, axed by the hotel administration and replaced with food trucks, arranged by Lindy Focus to fill the void and the empty bellies of the masses.


I love the smell of retail in the morning….errr, afternoon.

There were retail vendors, as well!  Let’s start with the Savoy Shop, a mix of consigned clothing from campers, vintage and thrifted duds with dancers in mind, and the home of the shoe repair service at Lindy Focus.  Michelle Morrison has run the shop for the past several years and has this down to a science.  I love seeing things in the Savoy Shop one day, then seeing them on the dance floor the next!  I even spotted one of my own consigned dresses in the crowd one night and it made my heart soar to know it had found a wonderful new home.  Of particular note this year, the Savoy Shop offered the largest selection of tie clips I have ever seen in one place – surely something for everyone!


Artist in residence Ryan Calloway.

Dance instructor and artist Ryan Calloway was on hand this year, not only throwing down in the Superheroes of Swing finals, but also selling his wonderful jazz dance and music prints, offering giant, colorful books of his prints to flip through while you chat with the artist himself.  Rather than having to worry about crushing your brand new artwork on the flight home, Ryan offered to ship the prints you purchase for free to your home starting on December 28 and ran the special through January 4 in case you decided you wanted a print after all.  If you missed out on decorating your walls with his signature style, you can order his glorious prints online from his Etsy page.


A gorgeous feathered headpiece from Forties Forward

I’m going to give a shoutout to Forties Forward, making another appearance on this blog as my most prolific vendor – perhaps it’s because we are both from the Southeast and travel to the same events, or perhaps it’s because they have a great product and the get-up-and-go to make it to some of the best events in the USA.  I imagine they do a great business at Lindy Focus, particularly around New Year’s Eve, for the perfect fishing touch to an ensemble.  This year feathers were a trend at Lindy Focus and they offered some great feather options with sparkly jewels as the attachment piece, in addition to their signature blooms.


Zoe’s hands at work.

Revive Fashions made, I believe, its debut this year at Lindy Focus, with the crafty Zoe Lechucita creating “custom made hair pieces, feather corsages, and tie pins” on site, while you wait or while you dance and come back to check on it later. :)  It was so great to see Zoe picking up the custom torch from Sharon Crawford, ensuring that you can have something custom made to match your ensemble for New Year’s Eve.


This is the cutest, right?

Another newcomer to the vendor program this year was Juniper Jewelry Designs, the work of Maddie FitzGerald, who was interviewed this year for the Lindy Focus blog about her jewelry designs, so I’ll direct you to the blog post for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Maddie and her jewelry.  Maddie’s sense of humor is evident in her notes left on the vendor table (see photo at left) and her collection is serious, with an extensive line of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, small and large, simple and intricate, a little something for everyone (as I like  it!). You can check out her work on her Etsy page, which is really only a small sampling of the large display she had at Lindy Focus.


Mary Jane wingtip in a new color combo!

Last, but certainly not least, I was so happy to see return to Lindy Focus, thanks to the efforts of Laurie Gilkenson (aka Nina’s mom).  At any event there are shoe casualties, and Lindy Focus is, perhaps, well-equipped to deal with some repairs, but sometimes there are catastrophic shoe failures that only a new pair will fix and you only have so much room in your suitcase.  At an event with 1,000+ dancers, it is critical to have a vendor like present and on site, not just to fulfill wishlists and fill out shoe basics, but to turn a tragedy into a happy ending!


I’m also going to insert a shameless plug for Beastly Beauties, who was not a vendor this year at Lindy Focus, but who made my feathered headdress that I wore on Ellington night – I am in awe of and eternally grateful for the efforts of this wonderful Raleigh-based designer.

And there you have it!  I hope I have not missed anyone, as I didn’t have as much time this year to shop and hobnob with all the sellers.  If I have missed anything, please let me know and I will amend this post.  Happy hopping and shopping, everyone!


The mannequin display never held anything for long before it was snatched up from the Savoy Shop!


A tailcoat and trousers ready for New Year’s Eve, at the Savoy Shop.


This isn’t even all of them!  SO MANY TIE CLIPS


Vintage and gently used shoes as the Savoy Shop.


A color print for the burgeoning clarinetist in your life?  Artwork by Ryan Calloway.


Who can resist a good Billie Holiday print?   Artwork by Ryan Calloway.


Dancestore maximized their space!


A luscious bloom from Forties Forward.


Ties, hats, and blooms at Forties Forward.


Feathers, fans, lights, and a screen at Revive Fashions.


Ready-made blooms with sparkle at Revive Fashions.


A necklace fit for a New Year’s Eve ensemble, at Juniper Jewelry Designs.


Tree of Life pendants and clusters of beads and pearls, at Juniper Jewelry Designs.

La La Land, Starring Aris Allen


Emma Stone, modern Lindy Hopper?

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

After spotting Aris Allen’s white mesh oxford in The Help, it comes as no surprise that their two tone mesh oxford and wingtip would make an appearance in a new film called La La Land, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as a jazz pianist and aspiring actress in Hollywood respectively.  Thanks to Ben Beccari for the tip, via Jive Junction. :)

But what are Aris Allens doing on the feet of these actors? Will there be dancing? Big arms? Stay tuned!


Holiday Gifts for the Lindy Hopper

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

It’s not too late to place your order and have it arrive in the post by December 24!  Here are some great gift ideas for the Lindy Hopper in your life, or maybe you treat yourself this holiday season, thanks to the creative mavens selling their wares on Etsy:


Get a mini-print of Frankie and Lucille and frame it, print by Illustrious Studio


Sterling silver Lindy Hop earrings at byrska


Handmade Harris Tweed cap, available in other colors, but this purple was so cheerful!  From AmiCharnel.


Any excuse, right?  Tank by boredwalk.


This crazy intricate tie clip of a jazz band and swing dancers, also by byrska.


This amazing set of 8 glasses from the 1950’s featuring dance images, carrier included, from Diagnosed Nostalgia.


byrska killing it with the gift ideas – Lindy Hop cufflinks


The ultimate table cloth, from Sarah Bradley Vintage.


The Fed in Austin may not be your local venue, but it makes a great backdrop for this print of a familiar scene to all of us – from amp3graphics

Heyday’s Christmas Countdown


The Judy dress even comes in a holiday-ready tartan.

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

A quick note to note that you should be following Heyday! on their Facebook page because they will be posting a different sale offer every day, from December 1 until Christmas!  This advent calendar of sales is great if you’ve been eyeing something in their shop and I can’t resist stocking up on their impeccable wide leg trousers.  It’s brilliant, really – it keeps you checking in every day to see what will be on sale!  Today’s special: take 10 pounds (roughly $15.00) off their adorable Judy dresses.

Summer Blue Jewelry on Etsy – Designs Inspired by Vintage Bakelite and Lucite

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

The earrings that started it all for me...

The earrings that started it all for me…

It all started when I came across these “fakelite” bat wing earrings on Etsy – I adored them, but because of my haircut, no one can really see my earrings on a normal day, but WHAT IF THEY COULD BE DRESS CLIPS. I messaged Summer Blue and the answer was affirmative, that I must be reading her mind because she was thinking about doing sweater clips with a removable chain. Two weeks later, said bat sweater clips were in my hands and a fan was born!

My obsession continues – in a nutshell, Summer Blue creates “high-quality, handmade jewelry with a vintage flair. Inspired by fine and costume jewelry from the 20’s to the 60’s with an emphasis on the Bakelite and confetti Lucite styles.” The quality is stellar, you can tell she puts a lot of thought into her designs and the execution. The selection of crazy adorable jewelry is HUGE, but her designs fly off the shelf – I went back to get a Christmas holly pin on my wish list from last week, thinking I’m ahead of the game, and it was already gone! Finally, the prices just can’t be beat – real bakelite can be 10 times the cost of these items, and other fakelite reproductions tend to run a bit higher in price, but Summer Blue manages to deliver the most adorable goods at a very reasonable cost.

I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE! Take a gander at my faves, but go look for yourself because there’s something for everyone here!

Because sometimes you need to be purple glitter Batman/Batwoman.

Because sometimes you need to be purple glitter Batman/Batwoman.

A tiki necklace and earrings set.

A tiki necklace and earrings set.

A peach!

A peach!

Sparkly star earrings that will go with everything!

Sparkly star earrings that will go with everything!

The Halloween stuff is just TOO CUTE

The Halloween stuff is just TOO CUTE

Just in time for fall!

Just in time for fall!

Obsessing over this turnip...

Obsessing over this turnip…

For your mermaid ensemble...I could keep going, there's so much good stuff here!

For your mermaid ensemble…I could keep going, there’s so much good stuff here!

Art Deco Tights at ModCloth

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

These Art Deco tights from ModCloth – the Cheered to the Deco Tights – deserve their own post, there is so much wonderful detail here! The detailed knitwork, the Deco plumes, the diamond at the top, and the faux-thigh-high effect of the tights that finish out in a fishnet at the thighs and bum (I imagine this is very forgiving) – I’d love to see these in a Charleston contest!


ILHC 2015 Vendor Report

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

2015 was a great year for vendors at the International Lindy Hop Championships, highlighting a range of merchandise from tee shirts to custom suiting to vintage and everything in-between. The new hotel, the Marriott Crystal Gateway, was more ideally suited for hosting vendors, with a more obvious space near the ballroom for display tables and a more trafficked area near the elevators. Here’s the who’s who of the vendors:

Dynamic vending duo Carol and Laurie

Dynamic vending duo Carol and Laurie

Laurie Gilkenson, affectionately known as (and actually) Nina’s mom, was set up with a selection of shoes from Dancestore and an assortment of clothing and shoes formerly belonging to Nina herself, an avid and long-time vintage clothing collector. Helping Laurie at the booth was Carol Dant, Nina’s cousin, who was attending ILHC as her very first dance event! I am glad that Dancestore remains a presence at ILHC, as it is always nice to try dance shoes on in person and you never know what mishaps may happen with the dance shoes you have, so being able to find a replacement immediately is invaluable. There were some truly choice vintage pieces for sale, such as rayon print dresses, silver 1930’s t-strap heels, and a crazy 1920’s coat with fox collar and clasp.

Victor's fabric samples and ties

Victor’s fabric samples and ties

A first-time vendor, Victor Celania (who I blogged about just before ILHC), was present with his custom line of menswear and some ready-to-wear items such as ties and socks. Victor was a welcome sight, with his tape measure around his neck like a stole for much of the event, ready to measure dancers for their custom suits. The display was so cheerful with colorful silk ties and patterned socks.

Forties Forward may earn the award, along with Dancestore, for the longest-running attendance at ILHC, selling their staple colorful blooms along with some new feathered beauties, vintage neck ties and bow ties. Their booth is always a welcome sight!

Lovely buttons on trousers by Chloe Hong

Lovely buttons on trousers by Chloe Hong

Chloe Hong‘s custom menswear and womenswear was another bright spot, with fabric swatches for days, colorful socks, starched collars, braided belts and sparkly bloomers. Thoughtful details in Chloe’s designs include shiny buttons on trousers and skirts and all the pleats and belt back details one could ever ask for in a jacket. Having experienced tailors and designers like Chloe and Victor present at ILHC make taking the plunge on a custom suit so much easier and more accessible. They are friends, fellow dancers, here to help you look your best!

Behind the Beat's sassy tribute to Dawn Hampton

Behind the Beat’s sassy tribute to Dawn Hampton

Last, but certainly not least, the largest display at ILHC was from Behind the Beat Apparel, with a full range of tees, hoodies, hats, and bags with clever Lindy Hop and jazz-themed screen prints. I have two items of particular note:

1) Behind the Beat is conducting a fund-raiser for Dawn Hampton to raise money to publish her book – Dawn needs cash in hand to hire a publisher and here’s how you can help: Behind the Beat is offering “2 different T-Shirt Options, a Tote Bag, and a 24” x 36” signed, numbered, and framed Limited Edition Commemorative Poster. We will be giving a percentage of each sale directly to Dawn.” For more information on the fundraiser, please visit the Behind the Beat website and watch the video below.

2) I am in love with their Duke Ellington shoe bag, not only because it bears Ellington’s handsome mug, but because it has two slots sewn in the back of the bag for your shoes, with a main compartment for everything else. It’s so simple, it’s brilliant. And now I can’t find the bag on the website to link it! Arrrrgh! Will hopefully edit soon and add link.

And that’s a wrap! Until next year, ILHC!

Nina's gorgeous 1930's t-straps could have been yours!

Nina’s gorgeous 1930’s t-straps could have been yours!

Carol models a 1920's coat with fox fur collar.

Carol models a 1920’s coat with fox fur collar.

A favorite from Dancestore's selection.

A favorite from Dancestore’s selection.

Pick up a quintessential bow tie from Celania Custom Clothing.

Pick up a quintessential bow tie from Celania Custom Clothing.

The main part of Victor's display at ILHC.

The main part of Victor’s display at ILHC.

I adore these socks from Victor's booth!

I adore these socks from Victor’s booth!

Classic blooms from Forties Forward.

Classic blooms from Forties Forward.

The Forties Forward neck tie and bow tie selection.

The Forties Forward neck tie and bow tie selection.

Feathered beauties from Forties Forward.

Feathered beauties from Forties Forward.

A cross-section of suit jackets from Chloe Hong.

A cross-section of suit jackets from Chloe Hong.

I am also in love with these socks from Chloe's table - feathers! Stripes!

I am also in love with these socks from Chloe’s table – feathers! Stripes!

Sparkly bloomers by Chloe Hong.

Sparkly bloomers by Chloe Hong.

Lovely row of trousers from Chloe Hong.

Lovely row of trousers from Chloe Hong.

And Chloe's collars!

And Chloe’s collars!

An array of printed goodies from Behind the Beat, including that wonderful Ellington shoe bag!

An array of printed goodies from Behind the Beat, including that wonderful Ellington shoe bag!

A Savoy Ballroom pillow, perfect for every Lindy Hopper's couch!

A Savoy Ballroom pillow, perfect for every Lindy Hopper’s couch!

Life as a Lindy Hopper is truly sweet! :D

Life as a Lindy Hopper is truly sweet! :D

Simon James Cathcart 1930’s Jeans Sale – September 1-4!

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

I’ve seen several sartorial friends excited about this sale, so check out Simon James Cathcart’s high rise, wide leg 1930’s jeans with a cinch back, called the Brakeman Waist Overalls (but not overalls in the traditional/American sense). The other jeans on this site retail for 175 pounds (about $268.00), but from Sept. 1-4 you can get this particular pair for 99 pounds (about $151.00). These look super rad!

Keds Champion Brogue


This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

They certainly aren’t the first shoe to foray into hybrid sneaker/dress oxford territory, but our flagship Lindy Hop shoe has introduced a two tone wingtip Champion oxford in their fall collection (which is worth a gander in its entirety, some really good colors, patterns, and fabrics). Available in two tone wool and suede in brown and black and an all-leather brown with houndstooth inset.

To Seersucker, With Love

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

This summer I’ve grown to appreciate seersucker fabric more and more, not just as a Southerner, but as a sartorial gift that bestows charm, ventilation, and wrinkle-resistance upon its wearer. It really is an ideal fabric for swing dancers, a respite from the heat of the air and our own bodies, that is lightweight, breathable, practical, movable, and easy to pack. I’ve decided to compile some vintage and reproduction seersucker lovelies from Etsy to celebrate this wonderful fabric today:

Floral 1930's/40's seersucker blouse

Floral 1930’s/40’s seersucker blouse

Seersucker vest by MacheteNSons

Seersucker vest by MacheteNSons

1940's summer suit with peplum

1940’s summer suit with peplum

1940's/50's gabardine blend brown and white striped trousers

1940’s/50’s gabardine blend brown and white striped trousers

Floral 1940's seersucker romper

Floral 1940’s seersucker romper

1950's seersucker shirt

1950’s seersucker shirt

Seersucker 1940's day dress

Seersucker 1940’s day dress

Re-mix Sale on Imperfect Shoes

This post was written by Lindy Shopper.

Just needs a button...and someone who doesn't mind a shoe that a few other people stretched out a bit....

Just needs a button…and someone who doesn’t mind a shoe that a few other people stretched out a bit….

Go directly to the Re-mix Vintage Shoes sale page and marvel at the prices – slightly damaged goods yields great sales on many styles and sizes! The cheapest pair is going for $35, this pair of blue Cassandre pumps – the issues? Floor model used for try-ons and is missing a button – but not even the button you really need to keep it on your feet, you could sew it down or replace it with your own button. There are less-damaged goods at a range of higher prices, but all are less than you’d pay for a new, pristine pair. I mean, we’re just going to get them scratched up on the dance floor anyway, right? ;)